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2014 Girivalam Calendar | Tiruvannamalai


2013 Girivalam Calendar | Tiruvannamalai

About Girivalam | Ramana Maharishi | Tiruvannamalai

The Giri Pradakshina manifests a double ordination of space. On the one hand, it follows a course provided by a center which is the vertical axis of the Mountain. On the other hand, it is oriented by relation to the cardinal points by the distribution (on its perimeter) of shrines consecrated to the lingams of […]

Libration of Jeevan by Darishanam | Karthigai Deepam Festival | Tiruvannamalai

Karthigai Deepam Festival   GODDESS Gowri requested Sage Gowthama to kindly expound to Her the greatness of the festival of light at Arunachala. Gowthama replied: Gowri! I shall describe to you the glory of that which liberates people from all sins and bestows all prosperity. In the month of Karthika, on the day of the […]

Greatness of Karthigai Deepam | Tiruvannamalai

The celebration of Kartikai Deepam marks the conclusion of the ten day Bhrammotsavam in the month of Kartikai (Scorpio , Nov 15 through December 15). Each of these festival days is marked by the procession of the Pancha Murthys (Somaskandar (Annamalayar), Unnamulaiyaal, Ganapati, Subramanyar and Chandikeswarar) in gaily decorated mounts. Most noteworthy among these are […]

Girivalam | Tiruvannamalai

The circumambulation of Arunachala is known as Giri Pradakshina in Sanskrit and Giri Valam in Tamil. Performing pradaksha of Arunachala is considered to be beneficial in all ways.Typically, pradakshina is done in bare feet, with the Hill on the right. Sri Ramana Maharshi once explained the meaning of the word pradakshina and how it should […]