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Girivalam means Circumambulation of mountain or call in going around something of immense spiritual power. Here girivalam refers to going around the holy hill of thiruannamalai.
It is said that Lord Arunachaleshwarar is said to be seated in the form of the holy hill across yugas for devotees to go around him to get their prayer calls sanctioned in foot depending upon their might. There are proofs of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and many more deities to have circumambulated this holy hill.
Go on the Girivalam during the pournami thithi and get yourself charged by His grace. Try to make it here to Thiruannamalai on Pournami and Feel the divinity. Apart from this fact, the Holy Hill of Lord Arunachaleshwarar possesses a lot of rare and powerful herbs. Hence the breeze over the area carries the essence of these herbs thereby spreading the medicinal effect.


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